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UN Forces

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The United Nations resolution which was passed by the General Assembly was "that the members of the United Nations furnish such assistance to the Republic of Korea as may be necessary to repel the armed attack and to restore international peace and security in the area".

Several nations such as the United States, Britain, Turkey, Australia and after some initial hesitation Canada, agreed to commit forces to the United Nations security force and the UN made a formal request to Canada for specific forces. On August 7th, 1950, the Canadian government announced that it would be dispatching 3 Infantry Battalions, which would make up a Brigade, to Korea in addition to a Regiment f Artillery and several support detachments. The initial Battalion to depart would be the PPCLI - 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.

This was the first real military action by the United Nations and as such marked a milestone in its development as an organization. Although Canada's immediate or even remote security interests were not at stake, the UN action brought an enthusiastic response form Canadians across the country. The military forces in Korea were formed into the US Eighth army which was to hold on until additional forces arrived and relieved them. A commonwealth division was to be one of the relief units and Canada's contribution was to join that force.

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