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Royal Ontario Museum

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The Royal Ontario Museum, or ROM as it is known, was established in 1914 in Toronto, and on March 14th was opened by the Govern General of Canada, the Duke of Connaught. It was on the University of Toronto lands of the time and quickly became a favourite museum in Toronto with it's emphasis on cultures from around the world and natural history.

In 1933 a major expansion was executed using a similar type of architecture and many additional exhibits were added. Canada is a country rich in fossils and between the badlands near Drumheller in Alberta and the world heritage site called the Burgess shales on the backbone of the Canadian Rockies, ROM quickly developed a reputation as one of the greatest exhibitors of bones, impressions and examples of prehistoric dinosaurs and sealift, in the world. It has over 150,000 pieces in it's collection.

The next major addition to the museum was started in 1978 and since that time upgrades, expansions and additions have been in almost continuous process. It is currently undergoing the largest renovation of any facility f it's type in Canada.

The five major areas of exhibit are broken down into archaeology, mineralology, zoology, palaeontology and geology. Located in the heart of Toronto it is easily accessible to all visitors and open year round.

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