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Inglis Grain Elevators

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As western Canada filled with immigrants and farming became the dominant occupation and business in the west, the amount of grain produced grew dramatically. The farmers grew a lot of grain and it was sold in eastern Canada and in British Columbia. The farmers initially brought their grain to the nearest railhead where they sold it to the highest bidder and it was shipped out.

Between 1900 and 1930 the production of grain reached an all time high and as the farms brought in the grain, they were not always able to get it sold and shipped immediately. The solution to this situation was to build storage facilities at the railheads and these quickly evolved into the large tower type grain elevators which eventually spread across the prairies and were a dominate part of the skyline.

With the development of more efficient transportation infrastructure, computer planned shipping schedules and more grain car capacity, the need for the elevators began to recede and the enormous number of elevators began to fall into disuse.

The Inglis elevators have been preserved as a piece of time when life centred around the harvest, sale and the storage of grain. They are located in the town of Inglis and were built in 1922.

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