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Musee Laurier

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The Musee Laurier was created in 1928 when two businessmen bought Wilfred Laurier's Victoriaville house in Quebec and donated it to the Quebec Government under the condition that it be converted to a museum commemorating Wilfred Laurier. Laurier was Canada's 7th Prime Minister and her first French Canadian Prime Minister. As leader of Liberal Party he led the country from 1896 to 1911 and oversaw some of the greatest growth and expansion in the countries history.

Laurier and his wife had the house built in 1876 and lived in it until 1897, which was just after his elect as Prime Minister. While Prime Minister, the Laurier's continued to spend their summers and holidays here. In 1989 Laurier House was made a provincial historic site by the Province of Quebec and in 2000 \Canada designated it a national historic site.

The house has been maintained in the style of the period and for the most part, the furnishings belonged to the Lauriers. This is an excellent example of Victorian era houses in eastern Canada.

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