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Quebec City

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Quebec City is the site of many historic events throughout the history of Canada. From the founding of New France to the wars with the English to the great wartime conferences during the second world war, Quebec City has been a star among Canadian cities.

During the 7 years war, Prime Minister Pitt decided that England would have to implement it's strategic global plan of which a part of the plan was the conquest of New France. In 1759 the Royal Navy sailed up the St Lawrence and deposited on the Isle de Orleans across the river from Quebec City, general Wolfe and the British Army.

In September the British were able to land on the North shore and draw General Montcalm and the French Army out of Quebec City for battle. The French lost the battle on the Plains of Abraham and New France was lost forever.

Directly adjacent to the plains is the Quebec Citadel, much of which was built before the 1759 battle. The citadel was intended to be used to protect Quebec City against the English, and the Americans during the lead up to the American Revolution.

The citadel was designated as a second official residence for the Governor General in 1872 and since 1920 it has been the home of the Rural 22nd Regiment, the Vandoos.

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