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National Battlefields Park

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The heart and soul of great historic sites in Canada is the battlefield where the two founding nations of Canada, the French and the English struggled fro dominance of the North American continent, the Plains of Abraham.

During the summer of 1759 the English navy and armies had arrived at the gate of Quebec City under the command of General Wolfe. The French were entrenched inside the formidable fortifications of Quebec under the command of French General Montcalm. The English in desperation scaled the cliffs west of the city and drew up in battle formation on the Plains of Abraham while the French troops flooded out of the city to fight them. The battle was won by the English and history was set. The battlefield has been preserved along the cliffs of the upper part of Quebec City in a beautiful park and site. Recreations of the battle take place each year and a visit to this site and the City of Quebec will form an unforgettable Experience for anyone interested in this turning point of Canadian history.

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