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July was for me, as is for many people, a month of travel and exploration. My travels took me to Ontario, where I, alongside a fellow history aficionado, explored the Niagara Peninsula and its surroundings. We were lucky to visit several important sites (both natural and man made), while also having the opportunity to have a true taste of summer. In between jaunts from shade source to shade source, moving through oppressively thick humidity, we managed to get a true feel for the area and appreciate its character. My Ontario trip, while achieving the purpose of bringing the region’s history to life (I have an insatiable interest in the War of 1812), had the greater impact of bringing to mind the vastness and varying beauty of our country.  It amazes me how we as Canadians can share uniquely ‘Canadian’ values despite our geographic size, while maintaining a remarkably distinct regional individuality. To be Canadian is to be part of a remarkable fusion of cultures both local and national.


            The August edition of Voyager has been a particularly enjoyable one to produce. Not only does our publication continue to expand internally, but has also begun to grow externally. We are very excited to share with you contributions from two of your fellow readers. Their additions to this month’s edition bring a fresh style and perspective to our team; I thoroughly look forward to receiving your submissions in the coming weeks and including them in our future issues. I hope that you enjoy the August edition of Voyager. Together we can make Canadian history more accessible to all. 

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