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Dawson City was the second city in Canada to be born of a gold rush but was the greatest in gold rush history and folk lore. When gold was discovered along the Klondike River in the 1890's a gold rush was triggered that equalled the great California Gold Rush of 1849. Prospectors swarmed into the area from around the world to make their million. What had been a wild wilderness with no permanent settlers or settlements within hundreds of miles was converted into the largest city in the Canadian North. 

The preservation and maintenance of Dawson City has been an objective of Parks Canada and the city represents an outstanding example of turn of the century frontier society. Dawson City also presents many of the stories and legends of the mystical north of Robert Service the poet, Pierre Burton the writer,  and many other who told their stories and tales.

Dawson City is located in the heart of the Yukon and Alaska along the Yukon River and is accessible by road from Whitehorse or from the top of the world highway but is surely worth the trip.






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