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The Chapelle des Soeurs was built in 1924 and is a replica of the Basilique Sainte Marie Majeure of Rome. It rises 52 feet in height and is 175 ft long and 60 feet wide. The ceiling is a fresco which represents the crowning of the Virgin Mary.

The marble alter  and the mosaic on the sanctuary come from Venice and the statues of 26 saints which are often appealed to by the congregation are arranged along the sides of the structure.

The Pulpitum organ was installed in 1926 and 16 paintings throughout which cover the high walls, represent the mysteries of the Rosary.

A secondary collection of 28 paintings which were produced in 1930 and are located the space between the walls of the chapel, represent Evangelical scenes.

Along the path of the cross stations are works of SR. Jérôme-de-la-Croix.

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