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The Parliament Buildings in Ottawa are perhaps the most famous of all Canadian landmarks and as the home of the House of Commons, and the Senate are the heart and soul of the Canadian system of government. Located on the banks of the Ottawa River in Ontario and just across from Quebec, the Parliament buildings consist of several structures in an area known as Parliament Hill.

The centre block is the main structure on the hill but the original structure was destroyed by a horrific fire in 1916. The Library of Parliament was saved from the fire when a quick thinking government official closed the heavy iron doors that separated it from the centre block. The two other large structures are the east block and the west block located on either side of the hill and the centre block. These are both Victorian gothic structures.

The one original building, from 1889, which was torn down in 1945 was the Supreme Court Building  which was located behind the west block. Parliament Hill has become the centre of most major governmental events and is the highlight of activities on July 1st each year, Canada day.

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