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Vimy Ridge MemorialVimy Ridge is perhaps Canada's greatest war memorial. It towers above the French country side on the top of the ridge where many consider Canada achieved real nationhood while attacking the German positions during the first world war when all other allies had failed to take the emplacement.Vimy Ridge Memorial2

The site today offers the visitor the spectacular memorial itself, several military cemeteries and the preserved trench network that the Canadians and Germans occupied during the first world war. The memorial has a visitors centre which explains the significance of the site. Many areas are still out of bounds to the public with many bombs, shells and other explosive devices unrecovered and just below the surface of the shell pocked terrain. This is truly an great and very emotional tribute to those that fought and died in the great battle of Vimy Ridge.

Vimy Ridge Memorial CVimy has also served as a gathering place for veterans, school children, relatives of those that fell and all Canadians who feel drawn to the hallow grounds of this site.

For extensive information about the Battle and our Canadian tropps in the First World War - visit our Vimy section on this web site.War Museum - Vimy carvings

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