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The Salmon Fleet


Old Time Cannery


- British Columbia

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Located at the mouth of the Fraser River, the Gulf of Georgia Cannery represents a way of life still with us but in a greatly altered form. The Salmon fishery in British Columbia still catches millions of wild salmon a year but the labour intensive methods of processing have been replaced by machines and computers.

The cannery brings us back to a time when the fishing vessels plied the waters of the Georgia Straits in wait of the massive catches of salmon returning to the mouth of the Fraser to travel upstream and spawn. The Gulf of Georgia cannery was only one of many canneries that processed, canned and shipped the precious salmon around the world on the fast clipper ships and later on the merchant steam vessels.

The museum takes you through the entire process of production of the canned salmon with many incredibly realistic exhibits incorporated into the original sections of the building that they are meant to represent. Located in Steveston in the municipality of Richmond, you could easily spend 1/2 to an entire day in the museum. A way of life preserved on the original site.

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