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The Last Spike


The Canadian Pacific


- British Columbia

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The Last Spike. John A Macdonald's National Dream became reality when Donald Smith drove the last spike of the transcontinental railway into the tie at an obscure site in the British Columbia Mountains called Craigellachie. Craigellachie was a Scottish site where the Scot's made a last stand in the highlands against the English Army and was used by John A Macdonald as a statement of support during the difficult days of building the railway when he told Donald Smith, "Stand fast Craigellachie". It was fitting then that the name of the site where the eastward railhead met the westward growing railhead tand the great continental railway was tied together.

The site today is a roadside stop along the trans Canada highway just east of Salmon Arm. An old steam train and a memorial mark the site but the real last spike is long gone and the railroad you look at is still the main railroad link from east to west in Can

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