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The Beothuk which translates as "human being" but was used be Europeans to mean red man which stuck as a description for North American Indians for hundreds of years. The Beothuk however did paint themselves a bright red colour according to some accounts.

The Beothuks lived in Newfoundland but after initial contact with Europeans they retreated to the western side of the Island. A conflict with the Micmac broke out in the 1700's when the Micmac settled along the coast of Newfoundland. This animosity can to a head in 1770 when a large battle was fought between the Beothuk and the Micmac at the North end of Grand Pond. The French worked with the Micmac to destroy the Beothuk and offered a bounty on every head the Micmac could bring in.

Over the next 30 years the Beothuk were essentially hunted t extinction. Little is known of them because of this and there are no known Beothuks living today.

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