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The people of popular literature such as James Fennimore Copper were an aggressive, sophisticated intelligent race. They planted corn and harvest their crops, lived in comfortable villages and were politically active within their tribes. The St Lawrence Iroquois had two main

settlements along the river, Stadacona (Quebec City) and Hochelaga (Montreal) with more then 20 other villages spread out between them. They hunted game, fished in the river and ocean, harvested the seals and may have hunted whales in the river. Their disappearance from this area may have been because of pressure from the surrounding Algonquin's but some believe the evidence points towards a large and continuous attack by the Huron's who wiped out the adult population and took the children to live with them.

The existence of farming allowed the St Lawrence Iroquois and other farming groups to create larges a surplus of food and population growth was rapid. By 1350 not only had the farms become larger but fortifications appeared around the villages which indicated that constant warfare had set in among the peoples of the area.

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