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By G Scott staff writter,  2012 - - section:eras, subsection Pre-History

The Algonquin were a larger group which encompassed many bands and a smaller tribal group located largely along the St Lawrence River. The Algonquin group may have arrived in Ontario and Quebec as long as 14,000 years ago. Their presence extended from the Hudson Bay to North Carolina and from the Atlantic to the Mississippi River. Like the Huron and the Iroquois, they had fairly advanced settlements and

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customs with a well established system of transportation along the rivers and lakes of their area. Their language was also spoken in variations as far west as the Blackfoot and as far south as the Arapaho, and the Cheyenne. This family covered a larger area then any other in North America but the exact boundaries fluctuated merged and separated constantly.

Their aggressiveness in dealing with the Iroquois was apparent when the French returned to the St Lawrence valley after Jacques Cartier had established relations with the Iroquois from Stadacona and Hochelega and found the Algonquin living throughout the area. The Algonquin then allied themselves with the French and mounted an expedition into New York to attack the Iroquois. The Iroquois became staunch allies of the French against the English until the conquest of Quebec in 1759/60.

With British promises of a homeland throughout the Ohio Valley for the Algonquin they sided with England against the American revolutionaries. This war was also lost and their final attempt to form a larger Algonquin Confederacy fell during the war f 1812 when the great Algonquin leader Tecumseh died.