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Louis de Buade de Frontenac was born into the elite of French society in 1662. His father and mother both had positions in the court and Louis XIII was his godfather. He met the great expectations placed upon him by working hard and rising to the position of Marshall of the King's Camps. He proved himself an able and fearless soldier in Germany, Holland and Italy and was then assigned the role of Governor-General in New France in 1672.

Frontenac first served as Governor from 1672 to 1682 and immediately embarked upon a strategy of expansion and exploration. He pushed the boundaries of New France and it's trading connections to the west of the Great Lakes by dispatching Marquette and Jolliet into the wilderness to map and claim the new lands. He also helped organize and coordinate La Salle's journey down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico and in the process established a claim to the entire Mississippi River basin which effectively closed in the English settlements on the Atlantic seaboard. 

He was an immense figure on the New France landscape and dominated the political and social scene. His uncompromising attitude landed him in hot water when he opposed the King's position of not trading alcohol with the native people. He felt that in order to compete with the English for the loyalty and cooperation of the natives, he had to offer them everything the English were offering and by 1682 matters came t a head when he was recalled to France.

In 1689 hostilities in America broke out and New France was faced with a strong British opponent and the Iroquois on the warpath. Louise XIV decided to send Frontenac back to New France due to his military expertise and he was able to force the Iroquois to the peace table and secure the safety of the colony by defending Quebec against the British during King Williams War.

Frontenac died in 1698 after securing the vast French empire in North America and bringing peace to the area.